Osteria del Circo has been "a family affair" since it opened in 1996, a Maccioni family collaboration between Sirio (Le Cirque), his wife Egidiana and sons Mario, Marco and Mauro. 

"My mother is a wonderful cook. My brothers and I would always rather eat home than at Le Cirque." - Mauro 

Circo offers upscale Italian fare which is served in a lively, sophisticated setting reminiscent of the old-style European circus tents which inspired the restaurant's name. 

Circo's dining room transports patrons from Midtown Manhattan to a playful European carnival tent via its imaginative and charming design. The restaurant seats 125 guests and offers a 30-seat bar area and 34-seat outdoor terrazza along 55th street. Designed by Adam Tihany, the brilliant color palette and festive decorations create a vibrant, whimsical and lively atmosphere that is enhanced by luxurious fabrics and custom-designed Italian chairs. 

Circo Abu Dhabi at the InterContinental in Abu Dhabi
Upscale Tuscan fare takes center stage at one of the premier Abu Dhabi hotels, featuring views of the beautiful marina. Private rooms and outdoor terrace are available. Visit Circo Abu Dhabi